An inspiring, strong woman once stated, “​​If there's one thing I've learned in life, it's the power of using your voice.” Through former First Lady Michelle Obama’s inspiring words, we are reminded of the fight to ensure our voices are heard. As your present President of the Garland Area Alliance of Black School Educators (GAABSE), it is my goal to push GAABSE forward while utilizing our voices in unity. We are beacons of perseverance when we stand together and share a common vision. This organization not only focuses on improving the educational opportunities for all students, but also empowering their voices so they can advocate for themselves now and in the future. Although our educational pathways lead us to build educational connections with all children, GAABSE continues to emphasize the importance of focusing on African American children. It is our hope that you can join us as we make moves that will lead to progressive and diverse movements.

~Shaneia Smith, GAABSE President

Shaneia Smith
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