Greetings from the Garland Area Alliance of Black School Educators President:

I am both honored and blessed to serve as the Garland Area Alliance of Black School Educators’ (GAABSE) President for the 2019-2021 academic years. The purpose of the alliance is to improve educational opportunities for all students with a focus on African American students. The mission of GAABSE cannot be realized without the explicit efforts of educators and other stakeholders in the educational process to create a forum for the exchange of ideas and strategies. Together, we must develop African American professionals who will assume leadership positions in education and influence public policy concerning the education of African American students.

I'm truly honored to serve alongside a phenomenal group of educators as I continue my journey as an educator and a lifelong learner. I am enthusiastic about applying my experiences and education as GAABSE’s President. In the past few years, GAABSE has made considerable strides to align with state and national strategic priorities. To note a few;

  • Youth Development through scholarship, mentorship and service
  • Professional development opportunities to aspiring professionals
  • Paraprofessional, teacher and administrator recognition
  • Community outreach and partnerships

As president, I dedicate myself to continuing the legacy of such a great organization. I am a servant leader that labors to perpetuate a unified team with the understanding and purpose that benefit African American children. Together with our membership, the GAABSE Executive Board is committed to execute the priorities of the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators and the National Alliance of Black School Educator.

Please join us on this journey as we continue this very important mission!

Rhonda M. Williams, M.Ed.

GAABSE President 2019-21

Rhonda Williams
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